Tausen cashmere sweater

Tausen sweater in pure cashmere.

This sweater is hand-knitted in the Faroe Islands and is made from the softest cashmere. The pattern is inspired by a traditional faroese pattern which has been used for generations.

Hand-knitting a sweater of this kind requires very good knitting skills and is time consuming, thus, the Tausen sweater is only available in a limited number.

Cashmere is one of the finest and softest fibers available and, therefore, also one of the best materials you can dress your baby in.

Composition: 100% Fine Cashmere

Colour: Light grey melange with dark grey melange pattern

Care: Cashmere is extremely long lasting and easy to care for. Hand wash with maximum 30 degrees and lay flat to dry.


Tausen cashmere sweater

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